this monday at the hideout

Whoa, where have I been? Tonight it's Elvis Costello's 1980 LP Get Happy!!, performed in a very recognizable manner.

Also, up on Talkhouse as of today, I dish on Ron Sexsmith's latest and greatest. Link:

And my interview with Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters went up today as well:

Hear me stammer! Wheeze! Mumble! Steal a joke from Dino Stamatopoulous! Really, my interview style is pretty awful, and I will work on that. As it happens I just watched a recent Edward Albee interview. The old man's pugnacious intellect serves him well in a staged conversational volley. His eyes are wide and clear, he delivers unambiguous replies fleshed out with vivid anecdote, and he's never at a loss for words. The opposite of me in this podcast. Writing's more my thing. Anyway, if you listen more than 15 minutes in, you hear me starting to loosen, and talk a little more freely. I guess my surprise that someone from the Foo Fighters wanted to talk to me lasted most of the way through the exchange. Very nice fellow, though, and knows country music well.