this friday and this monday at the hideout

Scott Stevenson, he of the outsized brain and intrepid fingers, has invited me to be a part of his Chicago all-star salute to Richard Thompson this Friday night. The master songwriter-musician turns 65 or 66, I forget which, on a date not far from this Friday night. I'd be happy to play these great songs on an excuse twice as thin.

I think I'm late to the Brennan Leigh party, not having heard her or heard of her until last March when we got to sing some impromptu duets at an equally impromptu night slashing out honky-tonkers with Rosie Flores at Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin. I had a great time harmonizing with her, and when I saw she was playing within a few hours of Chicago this April, I made my move. Brennan will be my special guest on Monday, and if you like Texas music and old country, I'm confident you'll enjoy spending Monday night in our company. We'll sing Louvins and other standard and semi-standard duet fare, and I believe she and her husband, Noel, will also do some music from her records. Vote yes for high lonesome!