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By Robbie on August 19, 2014

Hello from a sofa in Strathpeffer. Here's where I'll be in Sweden next week and on:

26th, Enviken, Slink In, 7:00

27th, Gavle, CC Puben

28th, Malomo, Folk and Rock

29th, Alvkarleby, Rest Kungsadran

30th, Agnsjon, Camping

31st, Umea, Burmans, 2:00

31st, Pitea, Krokodil, 7:00

1st September, Soraker, Folkets Hus

2nd, Skutskar, house party, 7:00

No update or changes on the Norway dates as previously announced here, which start Thursday. Come out and see what I'm up to.

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Edinburgh vol. 2

By Robbie on August 8, 2014

Well that was quick. I'll be at the Trigg Underground on Wednesday August 20 in lovely Edinburgh. It's at 152 Dundas Street and I start at 8. Capacity is small so get there early if you can. Go, Internet, yay for 2014!

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By Robbie on August 7, 2014

The first week of this long jaunt has been fruitful and memorable, and many of the memories if not much of the fruit concern a crowded train ride with the Mekons through the midlands, bantering roisterously about ouds, Adolf Hitler, and cheese. 

Evidently we're in Edinburgh on August 20th with the day off. Though it's a Wednesday night, and though a night off in Edinburgh is by no means a dreary occasion, I'm not here primarily to sightsee, so if anyone cares to have a house party with music, drop me a line.

Otherwise, you may see me on the 20th in a little pub up near the castle, slouched over a plate of boiled young potatoes and a lager, muttering rhyming slang aloud. 

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the next month's dates abroad

By Robbie on July 29, 2014

Hi all,

I'm off to Portland and Seattle in the morning, for Pickathon and the Tractor respectively. With me will be a splendor-covered group of megapickers: Robbie Gjersoe, Aaron Till, Chris Scruggs, and, for Pickathon only, Don Stiernberg.

Then it's off to the UK for a series of dates with the Mekons or something very much like the Mekons. The Semi-kons: Jon, Sally, Rico, Susie, Lu, and myself. A dream on shaky legs. Because I'm not sure the tour page format will allow for European phone numbers and other Mek-oddities, I'll give the pertinent data here and hope for the best:

Aug 5 - London, 12 Bar Club (me and Jon just us two)

Aug 7 - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Aug 8 - Glasgow, Admiral Bar (a solo show, just me, no kons)

Aug 9 - Inverness, Tartan Heart Festival, Belladrum

Aug 14 -  Skye, Aros Center

Aug 15 - Cromarty, Victoria Hall

Aug 16 - Stromness/Orkney Isles, Stromness Community Center and Town Hall

Aug 17 - Hoy/Orkney Isles, Gable End Theater

Aug 18 - Strathpeffer, house party

Aug 19 - Dundee, Clarks on Lindsay Street

On the days off in the middle I guess we're making a record, out in the middle of a peat bog, with Dame Wendy Hiller producing...

Then it's "begone Mekons!" and on to Norway, where I'll play just me:

Aug 21 - Oslo, Buckley's

Aug 22 - Ringebu

Aug 23 - Trondheim

Aug 24 - Bergen

Aug 25 - Halden, Siste Reis Pub

I'll update that with venue information when I can. Then it's onto Sweden, still just ole lonesome me:

Aug 27 - Sandviken

Aug 28 - Umea

Aug 29 - Alvekarleby

Aug 31 - Pitea

Sept 1 - Soraker

Shows are still being added in that hospitable (unless you're poor and Muslim) nation.

After that, I'm coming home for some more shows, which I'm putting on the usual tour page (sidebar right) even as you read these words... 

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By Robbie on July 25, 2014

What's the matter with me? I need to get out of the business and just start busking. I'm playing at the terrific Mucky Duck of Houston tomorrow night (Saturday, 9:30 show) and never even posted it here. That's real stupid. I guess I'm counting on the usual solid turnout there, but you never know. Here's the link to advance tickets: http://tinyurl.com/Robbie-Fulks-July-26

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