this monday at the hideout

I play country blues and one or two other things with Eric Noden. Lots of groovy guitar work!

Thanks to everybody coming to these shows Redd and I are doing this summer. Good to see the rooms full of warm eloquent people. Like a dessert course at the end of a day of driving (not much), yakking about life and musicians and music (lots), walking around town, and woodshedding on the guitar and, since Thursday, mandolin. I bought a nice one at Retrofrets in Brooklyn! I think I've said it before: if you're within 100 miles of 233 Butler Street, and you play a stringed and fretted instrument and love the old ones, you need to stop in. They are welcoming and knowledgeable, especially in comparison to the average vintage music shop staff. I got a 1919 Gibson Model A. Now I wake up each morning and play "The Girl I Left Behind Me" before my first cup of coffee -- bliss.