this monday at the hideout

It's been a while since I did a Monday with my dear friend Nora O'Connor, but here we come again.

Meanwhile I'll be at Fitzgeralds on Friday night presenting a slightly odd sextet -- Brian Wilkie, Don Stiernberg, Grant Tye, Gerald Dowd, and Chris Scruggs. Bloodshot is celebrating their somethingth anniversary there (20?) and so I thought I'd try a broadly retrospective approach, stylewise, hitting the pedal-steel honky-tonk of my early records, the grungier rockier stuff of the middle years, the non-electric sound I'm mining now, and various points in between.

And at the opera house in Stoughton, Wis. on Saturday, I'll be an acoustic quartet with Don and Chris and Robbie Gjersoe.

All that plus writing new songs and poring over Miles Davis charts in the off-hours; that's what I call a nutritious diet!