Thanks to all who listened to the show tonight on the radio, and to all who suggested songs to play via Facebook and Twitter. I truly did not expect that volume of titles. The number of people who pulled for "I Just Want To Meet The Man," "Needed," and "Katy K" got me thinking hard on those three as alternates to the two I had in mind, "The Buck Starts Here" and "Long I Ride"; and Katy won out due to: vocal harmony, tempo, overt goofiness, recent-album promotion.

I'm in bed now, post-show, thinking about the people I should have hobnobbed with and didn't: Jeannie Seely (who deadpanned a fascinating and spiritually depressing number, nominally satirical, about old people, namechecking Mylanta and pretending to almost say the word "fart"), Eddie Stubbs, Bobby Osborne, Connie Smith, and the blonde members of a visually intriguing group called "Post Monroe." On the other hand, I did get around to some brief but qualitative time with Darrin Vincent and Jamie Dailey (real good guys), George Gruhn (who tried superhard to get me to buy a new Martin dreadnought made of Adirondack spruce and some weirdly rare Central American mahogany), Mark Wills, and King Williams.

Tomorrow I'm writing songs with Logan Ledger and David Grier, and either writing the sequel to "Cocktails" with, or simply having cocktails with, Bill Anderson, it remains to be seen and I will fill you in shortly, keep tuned....