south by southwest

First, just to really drill it in, the Guitar World site has a song off Upland Stories (out April 1)

...and Funny or Die has a weird thing I did at Bob Odenkirk's house in January, also to promote the record

Which is funnier?

Second, I'll be back at the dreaded Austin conference next week. There's lots of shows.

Tuesday: Backstage at El Mercado, 5P. Alone.

Wednesday: Gingerman, 4P. Quintet. Swan Dive, 8P, sextet.

Thursday: Broken Spoke, 1P. Sextet. Victorian Room at Driskill Hotel, midnight. Quintet.

Friday: Yard Dog, 1:30P. Sextet. Flatstock, 5:30P, duo.

Saturday: Brooklyn Country Cantina at Licha's, 1:30. Duo, maybe trio. Hyatt lobby, 7P. Alone.

Seems like a lot, but believe it or not, I'll probably be doing some other stuff here and there too as I bop around town and visit friends. Among the people playing my songs (including several from the new one) will be Shad Cobb, Tommy Detamore, Dallas Wayne, Kevin Smith, Dave Sanger, Brennen Leigh, and Josh Kantor, the fabled organist from Fenway Park, who also plays accordion.