end of year, etc.

This year we're adding a second night to our annual year-end comedy & music bash at FitzGeralds of Berwyn. Night one is December 26th, night two is the 27th; tickets just went up; get 'em now. There won't be much difference in what we do across the nights, maybe just a few songs' worth of difference. Though if you want to come both nights, be my guest! Our recent wonderful gubernatorial campaign in Illinois will be just one of many, many 2014 nuggets maliciously shish-kebabbed.

I see my rather distressed looking mug is splashed all over Rolling Stone online, in a story about Bloodshot Records' 20th anniversary. Link:


I also observe that Paste, another distinguished organ for those who like to keep abreast of things, is streaming a vid of Robbie Gjersoe and me, at a suburban hotel, undertaking a dangerous act in the name of bluegrass music:


I look forward to entertaining in Houston on Thursday with the savagely talented and personally beloved Mary Gauthier. A glance at the tour dates also reveals that I'll be in Nashville at the Station Inn on Saturday with a quartet of heavy hitters (me, Aaron Till, Shad Cobb, Chris Scruggs). Couple guests are gonna swing by as well. If you were at the Station last time I was there, you must have seen John Cowan singing "White Freightliner" with me warbling the Bush line under him. In other words, don't be lulled into complacency by the casual locution, "couple guests"! Either I'm at a career apex where scads of geniuses are willing to work with me...or the geniuses have shitty agents and aren't doing anything Saturday nights.