fulksy news roundup

Couple things happening with me at present:

Foo Fighter Promo Ballyhoo. While the Fighters were in town for a show, their guitarist, Chris Shiflett, interviewed me for his podcast at the Bloodshot office. You just never know what strange thing is going to happen next; Mr. Shiflett is a country music devotee, and knows his stuff. We talked about such matters as Redd Volkaert, Steve Albini, and my fateful fork in the career road back in the early 1990s, between Bloodshot Records and Music City USA. I'll post more info on how to hear it, when it comes to me.

Andrew Bird Co-Chair Plastic Single Dance Delirium. Bloodshot, the concern just mentioned, is fixing to release a spiffy looking 45-RPM record of Andrew Bird covering me ("I'll Trade You Money for Wine") and, on the other side, me covering Andrew ("Core and Rind"). Nora O'Connor sings on both, a fantastic coincidence. I can't honestly vouch for how good my track is, but Andrew's cover of me is a real success -- you can hear it on Time.com, where it's streaming free right now.

Bonkers Lifelong Tour Soldiers On. I won't be at the Hideout on the coming Monday, but I will be various other places the next several days: Asheville, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, District of Columbia...does it go on all the way down the alphabet? Doubt it, but check the tour sidebar and see! I'll be quartet: Robbie Gjersoe, Shad Cobb, and the mighty Todd Phillips. I've listened to and loved Todd's playing since I was 13, and am thrilled to share the stage with him. Come on out and see how instruments sound played into mikes.