this monday at the hideout + house show + jw harding

First off, this Monday it's another of my yearly Doc Watson nights at the Hideout. I'll play the flattop and perhaps a little banjo, and Steve Doyle and Robbie Gjersoe will juggle bass, reso, uke, mandolin, and yet more flattop guitar. All three of us will sing tunes we've pulled off the records of the man who is my all-time country music hero.

My reachout for a house concert (the band in your living room would be Todd Phillips, Shad Cobb, Robbie Gjersoe, Don Stiernberg, and my bad self) netted a few promising responses (thanks) none of which bore fruit ultimately. So, at the risk of coming off like a Victorian urchin, those details once again are: Sunday April 12, anyplace south of Appleton north of Peoria, or Peoria east to about South Bend. Oh what the heck, let's push it westward to Iowa City. Drop a line if interested. It's a heckuva band!

My friend Wesley Stace a/k/a John Wesley Harding is staging another of his absurdly multifarious Cabinet of Wonders nights, at the City Winery in NYC on Saturday March 7. This one features Kristin Hersh, The Dove and the Wolf, Stephen Elliott, Siri Hustvedt, The London Souls, Eugene Mirman, Rick Moody, and me. 20 tickets are available as of this writing.