this monday at the hideout

I forgot to post last Monday's show details. I played with a segment of the punk rock group the Mekons, in support of our new release, Jura. It was the best attended Monday Hideout I've done (possibly excepting the Michael Shannon show, I think the numbers were about identical) so I guess not posting anything here is the key to success.

Still, against my best interests, I want to announce that next Monday, the 30th, I'll be doing a night of Hank Williams music with Robbie Gjersoe (steel and elec guitar), Beau Sample (string bass), and Peter Seman (fiddle). We did it a couple years back and it was splendid fun. As I've mentioned before, I'm repeating some of my fave combos and themes from the past as I bring the residency to a close in 2016.

Have a bloodthirsty Thanksgiving!