hank williams at the birchmere

Not himself in person but a bunch of people who love his music and anyhow who doesn't? I'll join Robin and Linda Williams, Rickie Simpkins, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Dave Chappell, and Mark Schatz, all legends, especially Dave, who's just about my favorite black comedian. Oh, and also Robin Williams, whose 1970s work as Mork inspires us still. Chris Scruggs was recently observing that the bluegrass world is full of people whose names are widely recognized because they're shared with different people outside of bluegrass: Lou Reid, Richard Starkey, Richard Bennett, Tim O'Brien, Kenny Baker, Jimmy Stewart, Chris Jones (if you're a Chicago actor), Russell Moore, Norman Blake (if you're Scottish), and sadly, I could go on. I think I was talking about Hank Williams (who by the way is a well-known mastering engineer, but forget him for now). This year's Hank Williams blowout is December 27, as usual at the famous and uniquely yclept Birchmere, in Alexandria. Love, Robbie