friday night at fitzgeralds

Tomorrow, or tonight, depending on when you're reading, but in either event April 17, 2015, I'll be doing something at the great west-suburban roadhouse in Berwyn that I rarely do there: my own thing. The standard presentation that I give when traveling to other towns, or now and again at the Old Town School or the Hideout in Chicago, is a quartet or quintet that plays stuff from my own records! My Monday night series may have obscured this fact, with its weird themes and tributes and collabs, but I have actual records out, full of songs I composed right out of my own head. They're country songs, a lot of them, these days, based on experience and age, and fleshed out with fiddle and string bass and some other things. On Friday the added flesh will be, just as it was last weekend in Wisconsin: Shad Cobb fiddle, Todd Phillips bass, and Robbie Gjersoe on resonator. We'll do two pretty long sets. If you like my records, or if you just in general like bluegrass and old-school country, you might not be very disappointed.