1. Were On The Road
2. You Shouldn't Have
3. Fixin' To Fall
4. Mad At A Girl
5. The Buck Starts Here
6. Goodbye, Good-Lookin'
7. Busy Not Crying
8. You Don't Mean It
9. Rock Bottom, Pop. 1
10. Cigarette State
11. Let's Kill Saturday Night
12. Introductory Remarks By Amy Warren
13. That's A Good Enough Reason
14. Believe
15. In Bristol Town One Bright Day
16. I Want To Be Mama'd
17. Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death Of Enthusiasm
18. I Like Being Left Alone
19. Bluebirds Are Singing For Me
20. On A Real Good Day
21. President Garfield's Hornpipe/Suza
22. Kelly Hogan's Looking Hot/Closing Remarks
23. Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath

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