Never Been Hit

drumkit and tenor vocal - gerald dowd
bass guitar - john abbey
electric and baritone guitars - grant tye
acoustic guitar and vocal - robbie fulks

A musician friend, angry at another musician for making sexual advances at his female friend, suggested that in his native Texas the concealed-carry law worked to prevent civilized norms from being chewed to shreds by garden-variety satyrs. Made me mentally enumerate all the skinny-chested sexual miscreants of my acquaintance who lacked for nothing except a good hitting; which promptly set me on the path to this Buford Pusser redneck fantasy tale.


You look like a man never been hit
You look like a man used to get what you want
Smile wide and straight, and your suit’s a clean fit
But these things could change before long

Why’s a big shot like you in a beer joint like this?
To flash your billfold and hit on that blonde?
Don’t tell me that that was an innocent kiss
Why did you wait until you thought I was gone?

Things your money can’t buy, there are some
And you just put your fingers on one

Never been hit, never knocked down
Never got what you needed so bad
Never been held to the slightest account
I’m gonna give you what you never had

You’re in quite a spot, this ain’t New York
I see you reach for your phone with a trembling hand
You want to call up a cop? You’re looking right at the force
Welcome to Texas, my friend

Here actions, not words, are the sum of a man
Here it’s respect and an eye for an eye
And the little we got we’ll protect with our hands
And maybe more, if it’s justified

You’re a well-traveled man, I’m sure
But have you taken a trip to the floor?


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